The precious images of the consecration ceremony for the Grand Liberation Palace of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities (Part Three)

On the second day of the ceremony:


On the early morning of July 21, all of us put on special uniforms customized for today’s event. As we filled the sacred mountain, the tent and the square, all places turned into dark scarlet and orange due to the color of our clothes and hats, as well as our unique symbol of Nyingma Urgyen Mahayana Blissful Dharma Continent - An Ba Gen Te­­.


In the morning, Dewyai Dorje Rinpoche stepped onto the solemn and dignified main stage, led thousands of Sangha’s and Dharma practitioners to recite the auspicious rituals for consecration.


In the afternoon, along with the powerful sound of trombones, the penetrating voice of dragon-head trumpets and the hilarious melodies from drums and singing bowls, all vajra brothers and sisters lined up neatly and begged the lineage master for the blessings and purification on the Grand Liberation Palace of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities.  Our venerable Rinpoche, holding Hatta with both hands, walked at the front of the queue, praying for the blessings from Buddhas and Bodhisattva's, the lineage masters and the attained ones in all places to empower this sacred repository of Dharma, for it to benefit sentient beings and for it to become cause of liberation! Followed him are the sangha's, holding all kinds of Dharma instrument and Tibetan music instrument, performing the traditional consecration rituals.   In the middle walked eminent Dewyai Dorje Rinpoche at a slow pace under an apricot-yellow baldachin, with his palms joint and sometimes spreading the rice for the blessing ritual.  The procession left from the entrance of the palace square, moved along the square, passed the 108 stupas and the mani pavilion with large prayer wheels, turned right in the corridor and returned to the square from the backside of the palace. When they came back to the tent, the ceremony was successfully completed.


As the night fell, the Grand Liberation Palace of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities shone with lights that amazed all vajra brothers and sisters. The palace emitted rainbow colors in the dark night. Two huge spotlights shot toward the distant sky. And all the stupas effused enormous golden light that symbolized Dharma…