Making Offerings to Monks

1. The dependent origination and merits of making offering to monks

Long time ago, Bhikkhu, Bhikkhuni, Samanera, Samaneri, and lay devotees gathered together in the process of Sakyamuni Buddha’s  Dharma preaching. At that time, Pasenadi and wealthy benefactors often made all kinds of offerings to lonely old people, and the blessings they thus received were equal to all good deeds done by Buddha and his dependents. Therefore, the monks made blessings and vows: if people practice such good things, they will obtain the blessings and be liberated in the future.

The community of the monks is the unexcelled field of blessedness. Making offerings to monks is the real discipline of the Bodhisattva that benefits ourselves and others. The pure offering could keep people away from the distress and acquire a clean mind at the moment. By doing it from heart can not only widely connect us to the others, alleviating evil karma, improving the heart of joyful giving and abandonment, but also cultivate a good cause of Bodhicitta in the future. Meanwhile, we could form a pure and good connection to the Three Jewels, the Buddha, the Sangha and the Dharma, for generations, and prevail immeasurable merits. 

There are some other benefits could be prevailed from making the offerings to the monks, including: 1) good looking and attractive appearance; 2) powerful strength and a full of spirit that, which can fulfill all Buddhas in ten directions without fatigue; 3) be born in heaven or on earth, live a long life, good health, no annoyance, and no suffering from illness till the end of the life and re-borned to the next life naturally and smoothly after death; 4) everything is in peace and contentment, no tragedy, all wished come true, and no adversity; 5) a limpid and elegant sound that touches sentient beings in the 3000 great chiliocosms. And, often preach auspicious Buddha’s teachings without vagueness that makes listeners believe and act; 6) a long life of parents, no disease and pain, and parents in seven generations avoid the path of the hungry ghosts, live in heaven or on earth with infinite happiness.


2. The initiative of making offerings to monks suggested by Nyingmapa Urgyen Mahayana Blissful Dharma Continent

Under the guidance of Rigdzin Gawa Rinpoche, the disciples of Nyingmapa Urgyen Mahayana Blissful Dharma Continent from time to time make offerings to the monks in Buddhist Institutes and monasteries in Tibetan area.

The monks cultivate merits in accordance with full-time Buddhist practice, while the lay devotees can grow blessing and wisdom by making offerings to monks. Once the monks gain the necessary foods and materials in their practice path, they would energetically devote themselves to preach and pervade the Buddhist truth throughout the world. The devotees who help the monks to achieve the merits without the bother of shortage is therefore definitely practicing the discipline of Bodhisattva and protecting the Buddhism and its teaching.

The merit of making offerings to monks is especially incredible in the period of decline. Because when living in this polluted world of five turbidities, the distress seems has never been alleviated. It is either the frequent wars, or the continuous disasters. Some people are enjoying the prosperity, but with the spiritual distresses and the burning of five annoyances. If one day they suffer economic difficulties, they will be more like a person living in a house of fire, suffering infinite pains. Thus, with the merits from making offerings to the monks, we may the world peaceful and people healthy and happy. May all sentient beings make a resolve to attain the Bodhichitta, diligently cultivating the fields of blessedness, and accumulating merits from good deeds to avoid disasters and eliminate the impediments.

3. The forms of making offerings to monks

Nyingmapa Urgyen Mahayana Blissful Dharma Continent will continue to aperiodically make offerings to monks with cash, foods, living resources, Buddhist instruments, etc.


4. The methods of rejoicing

Rigdzin Gawa Rinpoche and the monks from related monasteries will transfer all merits from time to time collectively. Wish the dependent origination of making offerings to monks gradually grow and never disappear. And may all sentient being plant good causation, may all be propitious and wealthy, and may all attain to true enlightenment!

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May happiness and prosperity prevail!

Nyingmapa Urgyen Mahayana Blissful Dharma Continent

Oct. 9th, 2017