The Power of Lineage! The Maintenance of 108 Stupas and the Grand Liberation Palace of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities has Completed!

The Power of Lineage! The Maintenance of 108 Stupas and the Grand Liberation Palace of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities has Completed!


The Annual Maintenance of 108 Stupas and the Grand Liberation Palace of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities in Mount Damchen of Seda has Completed Auspiciously!


Compassionate teachings from Rigdzin Gawa Rinpoche:


The maintenance of the Grand Liberation Palace of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities, the painting of the 108 stupas and the offering of flowers all comprise of very auspicious merits.

The local Tibetans are also fond of painting stupas. The associated merits can be found in Buddhism scriptures.

There are 800 million yidam statues and hundred-millions of mantras placed in the Grand Liberation Palace of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities. It is very auspicious that we carry out the maintenance annually!

As you all have seen, even people passing by these days are delighted, they rejoiced and made offerings. Everything we have done is extremely auspicious!



It is not easy for all of you to come to Seda, therefore please make sure you make pure aspirations and dedications, as well as cultivate renunciation and Bodhicitta.


The various yidam Sadhanas we practice now is relatively profound and advanced.It is impossible to master Vajrayana Buddhism through self-learning, but with the blessing of lineage masters, immeasurable merits will be dawned on our minds.

For a group practicing Vajrayana like us, the Dharma texts we are going to receive will be more vast and profound. Please don’t procrastinate and make sure you keep up! 


Worldly Habits

We all come to this group with our respective habits and karma. It will become quite regretful if we fail to fight our worldly habits in the end!

There are so many Dharma practitioners in the world nowadays, but how many of them have pure disciplines? It is like trying to catch sands by net, most of them would leak out.

If we ever want to start over again, it is impossible to have such good opportunities to provide offerings and to practice Dharma. 



Since the day we took refuge, we have completed so many tasks that are impossible for many others. If we practice with more diligence, our life will become more valuable and complete!

As disciples of the Buddha, we should be tolerant, have a high vision and far-sighted. In this way, the mundane affairs become less important.

The changes in you will empower you to help many people in the future!

 Dedication of Merits

In this auspicious place, let’s do our best to purify our obstructions.

Karma will always be with us if we don’t purify it. However we can do little about it, our Karma can be only changed with the help from lineage masters. 

We must go through some changes so that years of studying the Dharma are not put to waste. Please try our best!

We have accumulated extraordinary merits these days. Please pray to the lineage masters and make pure dedications.



A Story of Sweeping the Stupa

The Sutra of Bodhisattva’s Lives and Conducts documented such a story:

During the time of Buddha Shakyamuni, there was an Arhat called Svadajrari. He observed his previous lives using supernatural powers, and found out that he once swept the stupa of Dipankara Buddha. He removed the weed and the bushes so that the stupa became spotless and solemn. He was filled with immense joy, therefore he circumambulated the stupa eight times, and prostrated before he left. As a result, when his life ended, he was born into the Heaven of Clear Radiance. After he enjoyed a long happy life there, he was born as a universal monarch for a hundred lives. His appearance makes everyone happy, and when he walks, the roads would be cleaned spontaneously. For 90 aeons, he enjoyed ultimate wealth and happiness. Upon meeting Buddha Shakyamuni in this life, he immediately decided to leave his wealth and family behind, and became a disciple of the Buddha to attain enlightenment.


Saddharma-smrty-upasthana Sutra said:

If anyone makes offering to the Sangha and sweeps the stupa of the Buddha with pure aspirations, he will be born in pleasant Heavens after this life. His body will be pure without bones and flesh like a shining mirror, its fragrance will spread for a hundred yojanas.