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A new year has come, what should we do?Now it is already 2019, what should we do? This is a question that each of us should take seriously. Let us reflect on whether we have made any progress in our D... 2019-11-20 22:25

In June of the Tibetan Fire Rooster Year, with the large-scale life release of Sika Deer held in ZongXi monastery of Nianlong County, the venerable Rigdzin Gawa Rinpoche made auspicious offerings to t... 2020-04-05 22:07

When karma disappears, the merits of Dharma practice will be revealed!As a Vajrayana practitioner who has a certain understanding of the Dharma, we must confess and purify our obscuration, so that we ... 2020-01-24 22:39

Dharma tour in HongKong 2018Today I arrived at Daiyu Mountain to visit the biggest Buddha stature in the HongKong island. When I came here 13 years ago, I was amazed by this Buddha stature, whose has ... 2019-11-20 23:48

The Power of Lineage! The Maintenance of 108 Stupas and the Grand Liberation Palace of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities has Completed!2018The Annual Maintenance of 108 Stupas and the Grand Liberation Pal... 2019-11-20 17:07