Wisdom and the Arise of Bodhicitta

In the "Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters" it says:" The nature of Dharma is like honey, being sweet regardless in which way we taste it." Also, in the "Sutra of Three Jewels' Merits" it explains Dharma's good quality in the beginning, the middle and the end. When we first arise devotion after hearing Dharma, it is good in the beginning. In the middle of practice we generate wisdom through studies on Buddhist scriptures, and arise firm faith, joyfulness and desire towards the path of liberation, that is good in the middle; In the end of practice, when transcendent wisdom truly arise in mind and we are liberated from Samsara forever, benefiting self and others tirelessly with Bodhicitta, that is good in the end. Dharma, being such a wonderful treasure, benefits everyone who makes connection to it through each and every way, hence we need to widely flourish it in the world to help more sentient beings. Expounding Dharma isn't a duty for attained masters only, we ordinary people should do the same, we can either spend time to share some basic Dharma teachings to others, or to share Dharma books among your friends, and post words of your Dharma teachers on social media platforms. All these things may be simple, but they are like passing the torch of Dharma to others. If every practitioner can accompany these good actions in their daily life, then the torch of Buddha Dharma will continue to lit in this decaying age, together we can dispel darkness from every corner of the world.


Without sufficient wisdom, skillful means and powers, Mahayana practitioners will have difficulties helping sentient beings in many situations. Mipham Rinpoche the omniscient master said:" Fruits of Buddha hood, Ten types of boundless powers and other countless merits, one should arouse Bodhicitta, for attaining these supreme powers."  The Buddha nature (Tathagata) itself has countless types of powers and merits, such as the ability to foresee sentient beings' fates, faculties, interests and karmic fruits, and the ability to guide sentient beings in different paths and realms. Or the ten abilities to freely decide our own life span, thoughts, wealth, karmic effects, birth places and so on. Or the abilities to emanate three types of Buddha's bodies, four types of wisdoms, five types of eye powers and six types of clairvoyants, all these powers can only be attained after practitioners have eliminated their last, tinniest attachments and grasping caused by mental delusion. Hence after learning all these ultimate fruits of Mahayana, in order to truly help sentient beings without any restrictions, we should arouse supreme Bodhicitta and pursuit Buddhahood. It is the motivation of all Dharma practices.