The precious images of the consecration ceremony for the Grand Liberation Palace of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities (Part Six)

The fifth day of the ceremony:


Jul 24 was the last day of the public events for the consecration ceremony, a full day of cheerful public performance. It is quite common for a large puja to organize dancing and singing performance at the end, implying the joy of Dakinis and Dharma protectors and the success of the puja. Meanwhile, it symbolizes dedication with the unified compassion and wisdom  to the lineage masters, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas!


More than three thousand Tibetan brothers and sisters from all over the places came to watch the performance. The cars came in as a queue of several kilometers from the valley to the highway entrance to the mountain.  People dressed up for the ceremony and surrounded the stage fully. Even the opposite hillside was filled with the audience.  With the earthshaking sound of drums, movie stars, famous Tibetan and Chinese singers performed passionate singing, followed by national-level professional dancing and recitation performance. The dazzling performances have made the people of Seda experience the joy of county celebration. From time to time, bursts of applause came from the crowd with roars.


When the host announced the end of the performance, there were still a lot of people reluctant to leave, looking forward to the performance continuing...