Dharma Tour in HongKong 2018

Dharma tour in HongKong 2018

Today I arrived at Daiyu Mountain to visit the biggest Buddha stature in the HongKong island. When I came here 13 years ago, I was amazed by this Buddha stature, whose has unsurpassable gorgeousness and compassionate appearance. By having a giant Buddha stature in this modern city, all people here will receive the Buddha's blessing so that to they will receive fortunes and live in harmony. I hope I can bring more student here for a pilgrimage trip in future, I also wish all sentient beings can receive blessings from the Three Jewels!

Visiting Hong Kong for the second time, I came with another task - to establish the "HK Rigdzin Buddhist Association". Hong Kong, other than being an international city with good economy, is also well-known as a benevolent place where Buddhism flourishes, citizen here desire to receive teachings of Buddha Dharma. In the past we have established life release organizations all around China main land, from now on, with the development of our Buddhist association in this city, HongKong will as well become an important place where we carry good actions to benefit sentient beings.

As Bodhisattva Nagajuna says, the Ten Benevolent Paths comprise all Buddhist precepts, and among all worldly good actions, life release is the most virtuous. Through releasing captive animals, not only that we can accumulate worldly merits, but it also completes our six transcendent path, so we can attain the stage of nirvana, more than that, it is able to ripen our Bodhicitta and the view of Tantrayana. Hence, life release is a good start for expounding Dharma in a new place.

This is the first time we release captive animals in HongKong, and there would be more to happen. The boat we are catering today is very convenient, it has plenty of space for all Dharma friends onboard. My original plan for this visit was intended to be a short personal trip, little did I know that we managed to organize such a big life release event. When all the originations gathered after my 13-years-ago visit, once again I come to HongKong, I will be coming here more often in future.


The water is so clean and fresh in the ocean here, a good environment for releasing captive sea animals. We are also offering more than 20 Dharma treasure bottles into the ocean, we all rejoiced on what we did today!

Now we are having a ceremony of Guru Rinpoche's offering, praying for Guru Rinpoche's blessing to all members of our HK association, so that we are able to benefit more sentient beings on the path of Bodhisattva. Having these pure aspirations in mind, we will for sure receive blessings from the yidams, deities and Dharma protectors.

This ceremony of Guru Rinpoche's offering is a unique skillful mean in the Tantrayana school, and a swift path to accumulate merits through making inner, outer, secret and upmost secret offerings to the Three Roots of guru, Yidams and deities, it is also a supreme repentant practice to purify our negative karma. If conditions are met, practitioners can even attain realization and taste the wisdom of emptiness through this practice.

Coincidently, today is my birthday, also the same day our H.K Buddhist association is formally established, how wonderful! We are dedicating all these benevolent merits for the liberation of all sentient beings in the world.

Free from all dualistic thoughts of good and evilness

Hold no expectation towards the past, present and future

We dedicate these true origination and merits

To all beings in the immaculate Dharmahatu

Mang Ga La!


-Rigdzin Gawa Rinpoche