Helping sentient is not a quick task, but a long term progress that requires endurance

Helping sentient is not a quick task, but a long term progress that requires endurance. For attained Bodhisattvas who have aroused absolute Bodhicitta, they are able help countless sentient beings naturally. New Dharma practitioners, although having limited powers, they too can help others with blessings of the Three Jewels through many skillful means.

In the "Flower Ornament Sutra" it says:"If one offers a flower to the Buddha's statures with distracted mind, gradually he is able to see all Buddhas; If one prostrate to the Buddha's statures, even by not doing it properly,  still he would be seeing countless Buddhas eventually." To help our family and friends, all we need to do is to provide them the opportunities to visit Buddhist temples, make connections with spiritual friends and vajra gurus. Or, we can take them to join life release activities, etc, all of which are helping them. Additionally, we should guide each sentient being in accordance to his faculty, the results won't be good if we ask the middle beings to practice the Mahayana path with Bodhicitta, or telling the lesser beings to arise renunciation, things would be difficult if they don't have the required faculty. 


In conclusion,  we need to follow  procedures on the path of Bodhisattva, if the procedures are mistaken, our weak devotion is very likely to recede. For better helping others, we should first make good progress in our own practice, then carefully watch our speeches and actions, only say certain things to certain person, provide the exact guidance they needed.

   -Rigdzin Gawa Rinpoche